Salar De Uyuni – Bolivia

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Andres MacLean

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Your reality is questioned when you wake up at 3am and get out of the @crillon_tours camper and around you there is nothing but tranquillity. The silence dominates everything around you except for your own breath and the sound of your splashing footsteps. The sky is so clear that you find yourself walking on the reflecting stars.

This type of experiences are unique and I consider myself lucky to have a place this special in my Bolivia.


Masters of the universe

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Daniel Greenwood

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In a world where things are burning all around us and people seem to not care anymore. It’s up to some of us to shed light on the reality of what humanities destruction has caused this planet. I started sharing my words and imagery years ago to help reach out to as many people as possible, to send a message about the cold hard truth and damage we are causing to this beautiful world. I fear we may be to late however as the planet continues to show us she will rid the Earth of this disease called society. Do what you can to make this world a better place. Even the small things count.