Vayetse and Kevin Richardson deep in conversation

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The deeper language we speak is sans words. Personally I believe we all have an innate ability to communicate with animals. It’s just that with modern living and the digital noise we are immersed in daily, we’ve blocked it out. That’s why it’s incredibly important to disconnect from technology, go outside and talk to nature. We need to fall back in love with nature to protect it because after all is said and done, we will only protect what we love. Remember that all relationships human and animal take time, patience, perseverance and commitment. Please bear this in mind when wanting to touch animals (not just wild ones) on a whim. Animals don’t work that way. #disconnecttoreconnect  #digitaldetox  #reconnectwithnature  #instantgratification
Thanks again to the wonderful  @jackiewildphoto for capturing this moment which is not always easy to see in a picture.


Inka Williams in Bali, Indonesia

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Poetry suspends time. Poetry is time.
Poetry give us time.
A story or a poem is a like a living body;
we need only tell the few, precise pulse
points to feel the heart of it leaping in its
skin. Those details are the flares in the desert,
a signal from a boat mid-ocean,
the cry of the abandoned,
the ones caught in a trap must be freed.
To rescue, to name what must not be forgotten.
Sunday evening. Winter morning.
November dusk.
We belong where love finds us.
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