Prielbrusye National Park, Russia


Фототуры, путешествия по Крыму

Александр Трашин

The highest mountain peak of Europe and South Prielbrusie National Park , Kabardino-Balkarian Republic / Самая высокая горная вершина Европы и южное Приэльбрусье, Кабардино-Балкарская Республика


Prielbrusye National Park, Russia2019-03-31T20:40:56-04:00

Milky Way over Tasman Glacier, New Zealand by South of Home Photography


South of Home Photography

Good old Tasman Glacier, we have big plans for this area during the MW season this year so we cant wait to get back there.

This shot was from one of our trips earlier in 2016, the icebergs weren’t very close to the shore so we missed out on getting them right in front with the MW down the middle of the frame.

This was a pretty big panorama made up of 71 shots that we cropped right down in the end. This was all taken at the same time of night with no moon and doesn’t involve any blending.

Shot on the Nikon D810 – Nikon New Zealand


Milky Way over Tasman Glacier, New Zealand by South of Home Photography2019-03-29T16:28:59-04:00