My version of this concept 🥰♥️

Your vibration turns you into a magnet, attracting that of the same vibration. Practice being what you wish to attract.
You are worthy of everything your heart desires, every hope, every dream. And once you start to believe and accept you are, you will begin to attract more. Become the magnet of all things wonderful, and believe you are worthy of nothing less than magnificent.

Stacie Martin


Proud Newfoundlander, Mi’Kmaq,
Canadian 🇨🇦 Lightworker
Wife•Mother of three
Right now, is the masterpiece
Organically grown.🌱🧿

A magical moment captured at the Yamuna River in New Delhi, India 🇮🇳
Known as a photographer’s and bird watcher’s delight, especially during the months of November-February where the area is full of migratory birds, Yamuna River is a sight to be seen 🙌 Would you like to experience it?
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