Ocean Ramsey

Author of “What you should know about sharks” Link to book, online class, documentary at OceanRamsey.Org Dive with me  @oneoceandiving


The second photo in this series was one of my most liked photos so I decided to share the whole sequence. What is really cool about this super close encounter that @oceanramsey had with #sharkIDNikki is that she never had to use her hands to deter Nikki. She uses continual eye contact and body positioning while backing away from Nikki advances toward her. @oceanramsey puts her hands out ready to block her but it was never need. If you want to learn more about how to respectfully interact with sharks safely and share the ocean with them check out Ocean’s book “What you should know about Sharks” available in the link in the bio of @oneoceandiving limited edition with my photos in full color. This weekend @oneoceandiving and @oneoceandesigns are donating processed to the Red Cross for health care workers fighting this battle against Covid 19. 

@oceanramsey and her team encountered with this 20ft Great White Shark near Oahu, Hawaii. It is believed to be the largest ever recorded. 🦈