I had so many excuses in the past. About myself, about my life, about my instagram page. I always wanted to make this kind of page, but I wasn’t sure how it will go, I was insecure.

And excuses I had were like “what if I will start and they will delete instagram, all my art will be gone and no one will remember me” “what if no one will like and follow me” “what if I will use all of my ideas and nothing new will come to my mind” etc etc. Lol. There were just so many “what ifs”. BUT.

Now I know that I was doing it for myself, so I can enjoy it. I know, that I just love to come to this profile and see how beautiful it is, I am obsessed with how it looks and I crave to do more and more.
It brings me peace and I love it.
It’s just me.

And I know that there is just an endless stream of ideas coming into my head, so I won’t be a drawback.

It opened many more new opportunities for me just because this was something that I wanted to do.

And yes “beginning is always the hardest”.
And yes, no one started as a professional.

Once again I want to say it, if you want something, even deep deep inside of you, even if no one will take it seriously, even if you are scared, but IF YOU WANT IT – just DO IT. Just start it now, with all that you have.
Forget “what ifs”.

It only takes one step.
BOOM and the mechanism is running, ONE MOVE and the rest will come.

I love you! You’re so great!?


Energy Alchemist
Inhale air. Exhale art.

Instagram: @skyistheanswer