Until you
I was just an expressionless face
in a sea of smiles
begging to be free
longing to be wanted
dying just to feel—
a heart beat against mine.
Until you
I only knew tears of pain
screams of rage
and at my very lowest,
Until you
hope was a word
on a crumple piece of paper
used to light all of my dreams
on fire and watch them burn
Until you
I was just feet on the ground
racing to catch
the smallest shred of who I once was
and who I never could be
Until you
There were no colors
to paint a future with
and no single reason to try
Until you
and now
because of you
I can fly.

Caroline White

A lover of words, people,
running (literally and figuratively),
and healing.
All words are original
⁣?Chasing Myself, ⁣
my debut poetry book, is at – amzn.to/2CNwE1r

Instagram: @cwpoet


Never give up hope.
There are times that we
fear we will never get through.
Life can be terrifying.
Darkness can be terrifying.
But I promise you this:
You WILL grow.
You might not see it right away,
but it’s happening.
You were born to do beautiful things,
but first, you have to find out
what you are made of.
You have to find out who you are.
And somewhere along the way you’ll bloom and finally see
the dark was never anything
to be afraid of…
it transformed you into someone you never knew you had the strength to be.