‘I am difficult to disrupt’ ‘I will not be disrupted’ ‘the things that used to disrupt me, no longer have the power over me, like the power I have over my response to them’ have become thoughts I make a conscious effort to think, when the every day run around starts going off the rails. I choose my experience, I know I can get upset over the spilled milk, or I can respond with light heart. Either way the spill is going to be cleaned up, getting upset forces it, a light heart flows with it.

Things don’t get easier, you learn to let them be. You learn to stop trying to control things out of your control, and get in control of your response to them. That’s where the power lies. Accepting what ever comes with grace, eliminates expectations which will make you less easy to disrupt. You then start becoming more alive in your alignment, flowing with and not forcing against. No things don’t get easier, but your experience of them will, when you put your power into the response. -Stacie.Martin

Stacie Martin

Proud Newfoundlander, Mi’Kmaq,
Canadian ?? Lightworker
Wife. Momma of three ???
Right now, is the masterpiece
Organically grown.

Instagram: @stacie.martin