Whimsical and Alluring

RGUS is no stranger to the Affect3D community, and rightfully so. His compositions are absolutely breathtaking and the amount of detail he puts into them is amazing. When I looked at his new pieces I was drawn to those that have a whimsical feel to them. They’re “otherworldly” but there’s still simplicity among every piece. Sometimes it’s hard to create pieces that don’t look overworked but with RGUS he does it with ease.

While writing for Affect3Dm I’ve come across many 3DX artists and their art. I will always be in awe of the amount of work that goes into each piece they create. However, I am particularly fond of anything that would fall into the fantasy category. You can come up with your own interpretation of who the character is and their role. They could be a fairy, a priestess, a warrior, anything. Who they are and what they’re doing is completely up to you.

What I like most about these women is that they’re not doing anything to be enticing or sexy. Who they are already covers that without having to show anything. RGUS has a way with making sure the focus is solely on his subject and nothing else takes away from it. Their body language and/or the intensity in their eyes makes it hard to look elsewhere to begin with.

Hi Guys…

I’ve been using Poser since 2004 and more recently DAZ Studio. I now use Octane Render for my scene creation and do very little photoshop manipulation unless play with filters, which are kinda fun.

Your comments and constructive crits are very welcome on any image in my gallery. I appreciate the time you take to make these comments.