Mood- cuz every now and then I still get that feeling of not being able to breathe. I’ve been meeting so many more girls who like me have a crippling full blown anxiety disorder. When mine started back again over a year ago I thought our business was going to crumble. I stopped posting photos of me and Jesse took over the whole business and somehow made it work while helping me and supporting me emotionally every single day until I started to feel better.

I had panic attacks every couple of minutes it was fucking hell, I had migraines everyday and didn’t want to leave the house for days. I’ve always been an anxious child and had gone through this before but never thought it would come back this bad. Jesse has been my rock and I want you all to know that our DMs are always open to just chat or to anyone needing a helping hand!

I’m happy to say that I’m almost ?% back to feeling normal and having little to no anxiety (except for a few things), my depression is pretty much gone and my social anxiety is getting so much better ?✨Talking about it and letting people know your not alone has helped me tremendously, so I hope this post gives some of you hope that it can go away and it does get better. ✨I’m so thankful for having Jesse in my life but also for all of the amazing and sweet people I’ve met lately. You guys fill my ❤️ xoxo France

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