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Our journey to reach this natural bridge via the River was long and involved. We suffered through near death from diarrhea and vomiting, my drone when down in a river due to some weird malfunction, 2 parking tickets, only 2 of the 5 cameras that we had on the trip were still working by the time we reached the El Arco, we spent half a day trying to find some simple gas for our camping stoves, and we were swindled out of money trying to find someone to help us exit the canyon that ultimately delayed our plans to make El Arco. In the moment all of these things were very discouraging but in the end they gave the trip a complex beautiful character that made the trip one of the best I’ve had in all of my life.
Now sitting here waiting to take my flight home, I’d simple write this all off as a dream if it weren’t for the thousands of photos and hours of video that I have to drool over that I know will inspire me to return again sometime later in my life. Im so grateful for the time and ability that I had to visit this place, for the amazing people that joined me on this trip and that I get to share some of my content with all of you.
Mad shout out to @alpacka_raft for making the most durable, bad ass packrafts in the world. We beat the crap out of our boats against sharp limestone rocks while going down powerful shallow rapids. They all survived the brutal punishment and were the key to making this trip possible, To @goodtogofoods for providing us with food that not only is the best prepackaged backpacking food in the industry (my opinion) but more importantly keep us healthy and didn’t give us diarrhea, and to @keenfor making the Newport shoe that kept me going every step of the way.
Thank you @backcountry13@roundtheworldgirl@jeffreymichaelcarlson for joining me on this crazy adventure